Where to travel in 2021

Thanks to our incredible team, we’re already looking ahead to future travel. We know you must be too, and we can’t wait to create incredible post-quarantine holidays for you in 2021. Here’s a bit of inspiration for you – why not spend this time thinking of all the incredible places you’ll be visiting on your next Inspiring Travel Company holiday?

For Adventure


Snowmobiling in Svalbard

Hop on a snowmobile and speed across the snow-drenched landscapes of Svalbard away from city lights on an exhilarating hunt for the Northern Lights. Look out for reindeer and arctic fox along the way and witness the sky light up with the magic of the aurora.


Hiking in the Himalayas

Combine adventure with fascinating culture on a hike through the Bhutanese Himalayas. Trek across the Cheli-La Ridge, descend into Bumthang Valleys and climb the route to Taktshang Monastery for spectacular mountain views and insight into an isolated and ancient culture.


Trekking in Lebanon

Although small in size, Lebanon packs a big punch with dramatic mountain ranges, verdant valleys and sprawling cedar reserves. Explore these areas on foot and encounter the monasteries, chapels, hermitages and archaeological sites that litter the country.

For Wildlife


Brilliant Birdwatching

The sheltered cliffs on the northern and western coasts of the Faroe Islands provide the perfect nesting grounds for many species of birds. Head to the archipelago in the summer months to see puffins, storm petrels, guillemots, gannets and more.


Spot a Bear!

Around 2000 brown bears roam freely in the forests of Finland and can be spotted across the country, although the majority are found in the east. Head for the Vuokatti region where wooden hides provide the perfect cover for safely spotting bears.


Hang with the Orangutans

Borneo’s forests are teeming with incredible wildlife including sun bears, pangolins, proboscis monkeys and the star of the show – the orangutan. Find them swinging between the trees of Batang Ai National Park and Danum Valley Conservation Area and visit Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre which rehabilitates and cares for orphaned orangutans.

For a City Break


St Petersburg

Russia’s second city is a definite first choice for a city break. A short flight from the UK will transport you to a land of ornate palaces, opulent grandeur and compelling history. The city also has arts and culture aplenty in a choice of incredible museums – and don’t miss a boat trip along the canals and Neva River.



One of Europe’s smallest capital cities has some pretty big draws – quaint medieval architecture, a picturesque old town, designer malls and a vibrant bar and restaurant scene. A seamless blend between old and new create the perfect city break spot.



The cultural capital of Poland is awash with exhibitions, arts, concerts and theatre performances as well as being an endearingly beautiful place. With plenty of museums and tours, and its location a short drive from Auschwitz, it is a strong base from which to learn more about WWII.

For Off The Beaten Track


Uncovering the DPRK

A country shrouded in mystery, North Korea is a fantastic destination for intrepid globetrotters who like to push the frontiers of travel and go where few others have been. With new areas being frequently opened up, there’s plenty to discover in this enigmatic nation.


Creepy Chernobyl

Recently declared safe to visit, Chernobyl provides a poignant reminder of the nuclear disaster that shook the world. Walk the empty streets and abandoned homes, schools and buildings still littered with the items that were left behind during the evacuation.


Nomadic Life

Kazakhstan is rarely at the top of travellers’ bucket lists, but it definitely ought to be. Home to pristine wilderness, incredible landscapes, elusive snow leopards, fascinating culture and an extensive history, it’s a must-visit.

For Photography


Legendary Landscapes

Iceland is a photographer’s paradise. This magical island is home to impressive glaciers, rugged volcanoes, towering mountains, thundering waterfalls, dramatic coastline and vast black-sand beaches as well as being a fantastic place to spot the northern lights. Each of these natural wonders give rise to stunning camera shots.


Sunrise Scenes

The iconic temples of Bagan in Burma are an inspiration for any photographer. Head to the temple complex at sunrise for a beautiful golden glow and to capture the hot air balloons ascending gracefully over the pagodas.


Incredible Ice

Greenland’s coastline boasts many jaw-dropping spots for photography enthusiasts and the subtle colours of the landscape paired with the Arctic lights give chance to experiment with camera settings. From macro shots to panoramas, the opportunities for great shots are endless.

For Scenery


Fantastic Fjords

Norway’s landscapes are some of the most beautiful and dramatic in Europe and is the ideal choice for an uninterrupted slice of wilderness. The staggering natural beauty of the fjords is truly breath-taking. Hikes will take you to views of jagged cliffs plunging into deep waters and dotted with occasional pockets of greenery.


Pamir Highway

Curving along the border Tajikistan, scaling the remote Pamir mountains and trailing the Pyanj River, the Pamir Highway isn’t short of spectacular views. What’s more, these views come with adventure – the road is high, pot-holed and exhilarating!


Religious Sites and Natural Wonders

The epic scenery in Jordan comes from both natural and manmade sources. First, you have the awe-inspiring necropolis in Petra and its iconic treasury. Pair this with the vast reddened dunes of the Wadi Rum desert and dense forest reserves and you have a truly enchanting land.

For Unique Experiences


Beyond the Volcano Fly-Drive

Like Hawaii, but a little closer to home, the Azores is abounds with adventures and breath-taking landscapes. Explore this beautiful archipelago by car, taking in volcanoes, crater lakes, rolling verdant hills, natural hot springs and all that Azorean cuisine has to offer.


Into the Silk Road Empires

Follow in the footsteps of the empires that built, and destroyed, the infamous civilisations of the Silk Road as you unearth the history and culture of two fascinating countries – Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Explore old towns, visit bustling markets, soak in desert landscapes and get under the skin of this captivating region.


Glamping Under The Midnight Sun

Typically used for spying the Northern Lights in winter, the Aurora Domes are also the perfect spot to glamp underneath the Midnight Sun. The transparent front offers unbeatable views across Torasjärvilake and the untouched Lappish wilderness.

For World Festivals


Harbin Ice Festival

Originally a traditional ice lantern show, the scale of the Harbin Ice Festival has exploded, and it now showcases local and international ice sculpting talents. Many are lit within giving a magical effect that leaves you feeling that you are in a winter wonderland.


Warwagira National Mask Festival

This festival, held in Kokopo, celebrates and promotes the mask cultures of Papua New Guinea. A plethora of ritual performance, cultural dances and storytelling make the Mask Festival an enchanting experience. Head for the Baining Fire Dance to witness astonishing dances through blazing fires.


Festival of Wine

Moldova has a thriving wine industry and culture which comes to a head in its annual Wine Festival in October. Moldovan wineries will proudly display their creations and offer samples to visitors and lively parades snake down the streets of Chisnau.