Body & Mind

It’s important to keep both your body and your mind as active as possible whilst your world has effectively shrunk to the footprint of your home. With this in mind, we’ve collated some ideas to help you, and your children, entertained and engaged over the coming weeks.

Stay active

Keeping active and healthy is as incredibly important at this time as much as at any other, particularly for youngsters. Here are a few of our team’s top tips for keeping your family active:

  • The Body Coach TV – celebrity fitness Joe Wicks is holding ‘PE lessons’ live on his YouTube channel at 9am on weekdays. They require no kit, can be done in your living room and will provide fun and fitness tips for the whole family.

  • YouTube yoga – lots of yogis and gym teachers are holding online classes to do in your own home. For example, head to Yoga with Adriene’s channel for a selection of resources for all ages.

  • Premier League Primary Stars – As well as a variety of resources for other subjects and topics, the Premier League’s website offers a variety of activities and workouts perfect for youngsters (and the not-so-young) itching to get active.

  • Go outdoors – for those of you with access to gardens, it’s still a great idea to get out for some fresh air. Social, or physical distancing, is incredibly important, but you can still head out to get some sunshine!

Get crafty

Having a creative outlet is important for young and old alike, but particularly during this stressful and unusual time when routines are up in the air. If none of the following ideas appeal, why not start learning a new skill, whether it’s a foreign language, a musical instrument or finally getting to grips with the rules of chess…

  • Set an art project – collect all your paper, pens, pencils and other art supplies and set your family a daily or weekly project. It could be drawing portraits of family members, recreating favourite memories, or even using household objects to create sculptures.

  • Doodle away - American children’s book illustrator Mo Willems is holding online doodle and drawing classes for live on his YouTube channel. The classes are at 5pm (1pm US ET) and are perfect for budding artists. Whilst this is aimed at children, adults can definitely benefit from.

  • Cook up a storm – this is a fantastic time to encourage the whole family to get involved with cooking and learn about world foods into every day. If it’s just you, or you and a partner, why not spend this time trying out new recipes to ensure you’re getting a varied diet (and hopefully avoiding the need for pasta!)?

Make learning fun

Of course, even though school is out it’s still important for children to keep developing and enhancing their life skills. Though you should try not to put too much pressure on them (or you as a parent!), there are lots of easy and simple activities to take part in from home that can act as a great substitute for school learning.

  • Reading is key – set aside time each day specifically for reading. It doesn’t have to be strictly ‘academic’ books either, just reading something that your child enjoys and has an interest in is perfect. It can also be a really peaceful and calming respite for the whole family.

  • BBC Bitesize – the beloved family online resource will be invaluable during this time, offering supplementary activities, worksheets and more to go alongside your child’s learning.

  • Access the library from home – lots of local libraries are offering online access to ebooks, audio books and other resources for you to use at home.