Armchair Adventures

Armchair Adventures

With the world on pause as we try to navigate this difficult time, we find ourselves coming together by staying apart. The reality of the next few weeks at home, particularly for those of us with insatiable wanderlust, may leave you feeling at a loss for what to do. Here at Regent, we want to help make this time as easy for you as possible, so we’ve created a guide with plenty of ideas and suggestions for how to pass the time, and we’ve thrown in a little inspiration for future trips too! We hope you enjoy reading and we wish you and your loved ones the best of health.


Facts from around the world

World recipes in your kitchen

Books to get you hooked

The best travel movies

Our favourite travel blogs

Learning lift-off

Binge-worthy travel shows

Body & Mind

Smart home games

Where to travel in 2021

The Ultimate Travel Quiz