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For history, explore the cobbled streets, crumbling Ottoman houses and a looming castle in Gjirokastra, Albania.

In Kosovo, visit Velika Hoca and experience traditional (and delicious) winemaking at the Bozaj family winery.

Nature-lovers and landscape-photographers should head up Mount Vitosha in Bulgaria by cable car for stunning mountain scenery.

Ellie Marr

Balkans Specialist

Uncovering Albania - Travel Blog

"I am greeted warmly by a local family who tell me that I look hungry and need feeding. Several hours later, and full of delicious cheese, bread and organic vegetables, as well as a generous fill of locally brewed Raki, we are back on the road. As I gaze upon more stunning scenery, I begin to feel that this country is going to exceed all my expectations..." - Fergus Jones, Travel Specialist

Explore Albania & the Balkans

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Archaeological wonders

Visit Butrint, a national park home to an incredibly well-preserved archaeological site that was once proclaimed a Roman Colony. The site is surrounded by wetlands that provide refuge to many endangered animals and aquatic species.

Lakeside beauty

Explore the lakeside town of Ohrid on a full-day walking tour, stopping at highlights such as the square of St Clement, the Lower Gate and the Church of St Jovan at Kaneo perched on the edge of the cliffs directly above the lake.

Ancient monasteries

Discover Kosovo's famous Decani Monastery, the largest medieval church in the Balkans, containing stunning and painstakingly preserved murals. It consists of a combination of Gothic, Roman, Byzantine and Baroque styles.

Discover Autonomous Vojvodina

6-day tour from £1,195 per person

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Nature's delights

Traverse along the beautiful rolling slopes of Fruška Gora National Park, home to many 15th - 18th century monasteries, breathtaking views and small but select wineries.

Buzzing cities

Tour Belgrade, one of the most lively and vibrant capitals in Europe. Head for Knez Mihailova Street for impressive historical buildings, buzzing cafes and cultural institutions.

Regional flavours

Visit the Palic Lake wine region and head for the famous Zvonko Bogdan Winery, surrounded by beautiful vineyards. Taste the ‘wines of the sands’ – a selection of whites and reds specially selected from the Vojvodina region.

"I think Small Group Tours are perfect for the single traveller, who may not be so willing to travel on their own. On the whole, the people in the group are very interesting and extremely diverse, so there is never a dull moment. Some have become very good friends. I have travelled on Small Group Tours with other companies but it is really only with Regent that I have made good friends with people within the group - enduring friendships. The people who make up the group are on the whole very good company and great fun - you would not get this interaction with a private/solo holiday."

Katie G

Regent Holidays client

Discover South West Serbia

6-day tour from £1,270 per person

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Conservation success

See the largest population of griffon vultures in the Balkans at Uvac Special Nature Reserve. Brought back from the brink of extinction in the 1990s, the vulture population is beginning to thrive with 500 birds in the area.

Scenic journeys

Ride the memorable Sargan 8 Narrow Gauge Railway, named after the figure-of-eight route it follows around the Mokra Gora mountain. The route manages to incorporate a number of switchbacks, tunnels and bridges, all within a few kilometres of track, as well as plenty of incredible scenery (best viewed from between the carriages if you ask us!)

Ottoman architecture

Cross the border into Bosnia-Herzegovina for a look around the town of Visegrad. The major highlight is the Mehmed Paša Sokolovic Bridge over the River Drina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was built between 1571-1577 by Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan.

Highlights of Albania

8-day tour from £1,165 per person

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Pretty peninsulas

Drive along the stunning Albanian Riviera towards Saranda with stops in the National Park of Llogara and Porto Palermo castle, located on a small peninsula and built by Ali Pasha of Ioannina in the early 19th century.

Alluring waters

Visit the Blue Eye water spring, a hypnotic pool of deep blue water surrounded by electric-blue edges where turtles, water lilies, dragonflies and kingfishers can be found.

Beautiful Berat

Visit Berat, also known as the 'city of a thousand windows' and explore its upper and lower quarters, passing by Ottoman Iaic architecture, byzantine churches and elegant mosques.

A Short Break in Kosovo

5-day tour from £1,055 per person

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Highs and lows

Explore the beautiful Ottoman town of Prizren, the jewel in Kosovo’s crown, which is nestled in a picturesque valley with the impressive Sharri Mountains on one side and a hilltop citadel on the other.

Fascinating history

Embark on a sightseeing city tour in Prishtina which takes in some of the city’s key highlights. Visit the Emin Gjiku Ethnographic museum which shows what life was like in Kosovo during the Ottoman period.

Verdant vineyards

Visit town of Rahoveci, where the surrounding countryside of gentle sloping hills, covered in vineyards, bears more than a passing likeness to Tuscany. Here, visit a private family-run vineyard for lunch.

The freshest food

"In Istok, head for the Trofta restaurant, a wonderful place to spend an afternoon enjoying a leisurely lunch in the warm Kosovan sun. There is large shaded terrace overlooking the pond full of trout. This is a trout farm and guess what’s on the menu?! Delicious grilled or pan fried trout served with the most amazing bread straight from the oven."
- Ellie Marr, Balkans Travel Specialist

Landscapes & Traditions of Bulgaria

8-day tour from £1,285 per person

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Spectacular views

Explore Veliko Tarnovo and learn about the city’s dramatic past and its main highlight - Tsarevets, the castle of kings. See the Palace, Patriarch’s complex and Baldwin’s Tower for views of the “Throne City”.

Fancy frescoes

Visit Rusenski Lom National Park, with its stunning landscapes, curving river and UNESCO-listed frescoes painted onto sheer rocks. This is also a good spot for avid twitchers, with 174 bird species recorded here.

Epic heights

Wonder at the epic Trigrad Gorge with its towering 250m overhanging cliffs, before heading to the “Devil’s Throat”, a deep cave containing the largest underground waterfall in the Balkans.

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