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In Kazakhstan, home of the Soviet space programme, visit the launch place of the Soyuz rocket at Baikonur Cosmodrome.

For ancient history in Turkmenistan, set off for Gonur Depe archaeological site to explore Bronze Age excavations.

Shop! The Silk Road grew out of trade and there are plenty of markets and bazaars in which you can buy everything from handicrafts to camels and cars!

Marianne Grimshaw

Caucasus & Central Asia Specialist

Azerbaijan & Nakhchivan Uncovered

11-day tour from £2,740 per person

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Historical Sheki

Spend a day exploring the city that has a history dating back 2,700 years. Visit Sheki Khan’s Palace, the Old Caravanserai and one of the city’s famous halva shops (an extremely popular Azeri dessert).

Beautiful Baku

Tour Baku and its captivating Old Town, exploring highlights such as the iconic Heydar Aliyev Center, the City Bazaar, the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum, Hillside Park and the Palace of the Shirvanshahs.

Exclave explorations

Nakhchivan is an autonomous exclave which declared independence from the Soviets in 1990. Explore its museums and monuments and visit the 2,000-year-old Alinja Fortress - the 'Machu Picchu of Azerbaijan'.

Pioneering Abkhazia

12-day tour from £3,300 per person

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Chequered history

Learn about the history of this breakaway state, from its time as part of the Soviet Union to the determination of Abkhaz people to remain autonomous. Tour now-abandoned settlements and hear local speakers talk of the state's past.

Unique flights

This flight is as much about the journey as it is the destination. Take the 30-minute trip to and from the small village of Pskhu on a Soviet era AN-2 biplane. Locals will likely come out to say hello, mingle and chat.

Glorious parks

Vist the the beautiful Ritsa Relict NationaI Park and explore one of Stalin's Dachas before taking lunch on the lakeshore. Take a boat trip on Lake Ritsa in Stalin's personal speedboat before spending a little more time sightseeing.

"Regent's ability to locate and promote the unusual destinations is a key selling point for us: off the beaten track, not mainstream, underpinned with research and suitability regarding the location. The itinerary, pace and use of local guides adds to the adventure. To travel with likeminded people in a small group that lends itself to exploring those tucked away locations that large groups would not be able to visit due to logistics. Of course, the social side to the trip is finding new friends whilst enjoying the experience. The Regent staff have visited the locations, and are therefore able to speak first-hand and answer those questions or concerns raised. And, finally, the cost of the trip weighs up against the experience..
It's difficult to pick a favourite memory of our holidays with Regent, as each country is so different. We pondered this for a while, looking back over our 5 trips and plumbed for our Abkhazia trip. We loved the plane flight within Abkhazia when we visited the farmer high up in the hills."

Andy & Ann

Regent Holidays clients

Pioneer the Pamir Highway

15-day tour from £3,550 per person

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Impressive Panj

The Panj Valley is littered with ancient fortresses, evidence of where various civilisations have defended their territory.

Ancient artwork

Stop over in Langar, a village from which a short walk will take you to an area with over 6,000 ancient petrogylphs. Immerse yourself in this ancient art form as you explore the rocks.

Towering peaks

Traverse a wide lunar-like plateaux ringed by snow-capped mountains before crossing the Akbaital Pass (4,655m), the highest point on the tour.

Uncover Uzbekistan & Tajikistan

12-day tour from £2,950 per person

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Silk Road cities

Bukhara was one of the most important cities on the Silk Route and there are hundreds of monuments, madrassahs and mosques, many of which feature the signature turquoise tile work of the region.

Natural wonders

Visit the Margazor Lakes. These seven lakes stretch out before you providing beautiful panoramas with their azure waters. Head for the Fann Mountains which tower above the sparkling waters they surround.

Museum under the sky

Dating back more than 2,000 years, Khiva is layer after layer of history. Ringed by thick mud-brick walls, the old city has beautiful madrassahs, mosques, palaces and minarets connected by cobbled paths. Explore Ichin Kala - the "Museum Under the Sky".

Preserved history

"Bukhara has historically been a key intellectual centre of the Islamic world and an important area for trade, culture, religion and scholarship. Today, it is a beautifully preserved, ancient, enchanted city and one of the best places to view the region pre-Russian influence." - Marianne Grimshaw, Central Asia Travel Specialist

Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan: Into the Silk Road Empires

15-day tour from £3,150 per person

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Crater campsite

Head into the desert to see the engineering hick-up that is the Darvaza Crater (also known as the Gates to Hell). In the 1950s the drilling platform collapsed, releasing gas into the air. It's thought that the engineers set fire to it to burn it off and prevent gas from spreading, and the crater is still ablaze. The spectacle is best seen at night so you will camp nearby in a dome tent.

Amazing Ashgabat

Spend the day in the nation’s capital, a bizarre city sculpted from white marble. Tour the city seeing some of the highlights including the Independence Park with its statue of the Rahnama Book, the National Museum introducing you to the country’s history, the Arch of Neutrality atop which a gold statue of the president stands, and the Golustan Bazaar where it is possible to buy almost anything you can think of.

Parthian ruins

Discover Old Nissa, originally a Parthian city taken over by each empire as they swept through the region until the Mongols razed it to the ground. The plateau still shows evidence of this once grand city.

Uncover Kyrgyzstan

16-day tour from £3,165 per person

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Live like a local

At Son Kol lake, stay overnight in traditional yurt tents, like the nomads do, to watch Kyrgyz herding their cattle and making local dishes and handicrafts such as felt carpets.

Ancient architecture

Visit Burana Tower, a large minaret that is one of few remaining remnants of the ancient city of Balasagun, and one of the oldest architectural structures in Central Asia. Climb the tower for great desert views.

Wildlife haven

Over 1,000 species of plants, 160 species of birds and 34 species of mammals (such as deer, bear, lynx, wolves, foxes, badgers, porcupine and even snow leopards) can be found in this unspoiled National Park.

Exploring Kyrgyzstan - Travel Blog

"An unexpected treat in Karakol is to have dinner with a Chinese Dungan family, we had a delicious dinner (warning, don’t fill up on the first three courses as this is just the beginning…) and an interesting chat with the female family members about their lives and how things have changed for the recent generations..." - Marianne Grimshaw, Travel Specialist

Classic Uzbekistan

12-day tour from £2,270 per person

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Bustling bazaars

Wander through colourful bazaars with their aromatic spices and vibrant artefacts. In Tashkent, visit Chorsu Bazaar - one of the main shopping centres for locals. In Bukhara, browse stalls under multi-domed roofs designed to draw in cool air.

Rail adventures

Take the train through the Uzbek countryside. Travel by rail between Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, taking in the the exceptional views and vast expanses of desert along the way.

Elaborate decor

Delve further into Samarkand's wonderful sights heading to the Shah I Zinda Necropolis, where a long line of elaborately decorated tombs with their blue and turquoise domes line the path.

Kazakhstan's Soviet Legacy

15-day tour from £3,570 per person

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Soviet past

You'll find remnants of the Soviet era dotted all around Kazakhstan's cities, particularly the dominant Soviet architecture. Visit sites such as the Kazakh Opera and Ballet House, the Auezov Drama Theatre, and the Wedding Palace in Almaty.

Nuclear history

Kurchatov's environs provide an educational, if sobering, lesson about the legacy of nuclear weapons testing. Visit the museum, and then head for the Opytnoe Pole test site itself. See the epicentre of the first test.

Modern city

Spend time in the modern Nur Sultan. Take in the Norman-Foster-designed Khan Shatyr shopping centre, with its indoor beach and distinctive "tent" design. Walk up to the iconic Baytarek tower and and ascend to the golden glove for views across the city.

Beyond the Cosmodrome

12-day tour from £4,150 per person

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Space discoverer

Baikonur is the world's oldest and largest space launch site. Its list of launches are peppered with many famous names in the history of space travel: Sputnik, Yuri Gagarin, even through to Tim Peake in 2016 who landed after six months in the ISS.

City explorer

Spend the day enjoying a tour of Kazakhstan's former capital city, Almaty. Visit Panfilov Park and Zenkov Cathedral (the second largest wooden building in the world, built entirely without the use of nails) and many more city sights.

Ancient pioneers

Explore the medieval settlement of Sauran. This is one of the most important sites in Kazakhstan. Once a great walled city, it features underground water conduits that were cutting-edge for their time, and you can still see evidence of the magnificent settlement that once stood here.

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