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In Ukraine, travel into the Carpathian Mountains, where folk art and traditional ethnic groups have survived for centuries.

In the Azores, take a dip in the thermal pool at Terra Nostra on Sao Miguel; the warm, brown water is charged with essential minerals.

In Moldova, spend a night or two sleeping amid the vineyards at Chateau Vartely, an excellent winery-hotel near Orhei.

Peter Wybrow

Europe Specialist

An Interview with Andrea - Travel Blog

We interviewed our Brand Manager, Andrea, on her 23 years working with Regent Holidays - from tour leading in some of our favourite European destinations to her favourite (and funniest!) travel memories, and what the future of travel might look like. Delve into what it's like behind the scenes at Regent.

A Short Break in Belarus

5-day tour from £995 per person

No single supplement

Why you'll love this tour...

Soviet styles

Explore Minsk, best known as a living monument to the grandiose aspirations of Soviet architecture and urban planning. This Socialist Realist masterpiece has to be seen to be believed.

Military memories

Visit the Stalin Line historical complex which once formed a fortification line that originally ran from St. Petersburg to Odessa, and now boasts a large selection of military vehicles, aircraft, artillery, and an extensive system of bunkers and trenches.

Captivating castles

Travel to the medieval town of Mir, a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site and astounding example of 16th century fortification art. The construction of this Gothic-style castle complex was started by Duke Ilinich, before passing to the Radzivill family, who completed it in a Renaissance style.

Independence Day in Transdniestria

6-day tour from £1,250 per person

Why you'll love this tour...

Independence Day

Experience Independence Day celebrations in this self-declared independent territory and watch as military units and retired folks parade through the city centre.

Shared treats

Meet lots of local people over delicious meals and learn about their culture and history. Share heady Transnistrian brandy and delicious locally-produced wines.

Local culture

Visit Comrat, the capital of the autonomous region of Gagauzia. Learn about the history, culture and daily life of the Gagauz from ancient times through to modern day life and enjoy a small performance of Gagauz songs and dances.

Unique finds

"When in Tiraspol, take in the impressive brutalist Soviet-style municipal buildings before heading for the capital's post office - it may be the only one in the world where you can buy a Joseph Stalin poster!" - Peter Wybrow, Europe Travel Specialist

A Taste of Moldova

6-day tour from £1,195 per person

Why you'll love this tour...

Wine festival

Experience the excitement of the annual Wine Festival and sample plenty of wines in this country that was once known as the “Vineyard of the Soviet Union”.

Say cheese

Meet Thierry and Tatiana, and have the chance to sample some of the exquisite cheese they make at their small village business - Fromage Fabricat.

Transtemporal Transdniestr

Visit the capital of Transdniestr, a self-proclaimed independent republic with its own currency, police and border guards - a living museum of Soviet culture.

Undiscovered Moldova

8-day tour from £1,445 per person

Why you'll love this tour...

Local flavours

Visit Et Cetera Winery and discover how winemaker Alexandru Luchianov established this modern winery in 2003 with his family. Continue to Purcari Winery – the oldest wine estate in Moldova.

Rural life

Explore the Gagauzia region, an area of three towns and more than 20 villages scattered throughout the three districts of Comrat, Cedar-Linga and Vulcanesti. Enjoy a traditional lunch with local wine.

Restored monasteries

Visit Capriana Monastery, located some 30 miles west of Chisinau. Founded in 1439, the monastery was closed for years and fell into dilapidation, before reopening in 1989 as a symbol of national revival.

Kyiv & Chernobyl

6-day tour from £1,195 per person

No single supplement

Why you'll love this tour...

Overnight in the Exclusion Zone

Spend two days touring inside the “Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Exclusion Zone,” including one night in Chernobyl itself (in a hotel built for scientific advisors). Gain insight into the Chernobyl story from the past to the present and explore the ruined city's school, sports centre, swimming pool, fairground and more.

Local resettlers

Meet with some locals who have, despite government warnings and laws, decided to settle inside the zone and create a tiny village in the woods. They came back to Chernobyl a few months after the disaster to be in their ancestral home and are more than happy to share their stories - and homemade vodka!

Tour the capital

Enjoy a full-day city tour of Kyiv including Kreschatyk, the Golden Gates, St. Sophia and St. Michael Cathedral and the Chernobyl Museum.

"I have travelled 7 times with Regent Holidays and what I like about Regent is that when booking I deal with people who know the countries I plan to visit. As a frequent worldwide traveller, I am much attracted to the unusual destinations available with Regent . I have no hesitation in recommending Regent Holidays for group tours that deliver, and that are good value."

Andrew P

Regent Holidays client

Highlights of Ukraine

11-day tour from £1,595 per person

Why you'll love this tour...

Beautiful cities

In Kyiv, explore architectural treasures such as the St Sophia Cathedral and the Caves Monastery. In the Habsburg town of Lviv, you can spend a leisurely afternoon in Viennese-style coffee houses. In Odessa, visit the famous Potemkin Steps.

Marvellous mountains

Visit the dramatic Carpathian Mountains, where the ethnic Hutsul people follow their traditions in hidden valleys. See Tustan - the remains of a medieval rock fortress. Visit the village of Volosyanka and take a chairlift up to the top of Zvorets mountain.

Understanding Chernobyl

Gain an insight into the Chernobyl story from past to present and learn the disaster that rocked the Soviet Union and the world in April 1986. Discover derelict apartment blocks and schools, and the iconic ferris wheel - a haunting symbol of the tragedy.

São Miguel Discovery, Azores

8-day tour from £1,495 per person

Why you'll love this tour...

Therapeutic thermals

Take in an incredible view of the entire Furnas Valley at the Pico do Ferro viewpoint before continuing to Terra Nostra Botanical Park, where you can swim in a natural hot water pool and visit the hot springs and thermal water centre.

Special sightings

Take to the seas on a fantastic whale and dolphin watching boat tour. May is an excellent time for whale sighting in the Azores as the migratory paths of many species pass right by the archipelago.

Steam-cooked stew

Watch the pots of cozido, a meat and vegetable dish, being taken out from the steamy underground where it cooks for 5 to 6 hours, before trying it for lunch at a local restaurant.

Explore the Azores

10-day tour from £1,995 per person

Why you'll love this tour...


Discover São Miguel, Terceira, Faial and Pico. The islands of the archipelago are volcanic in origin, creating dramatic vistas from rugged peaks and deep blue lakes that reflect the sky, cradled in extinct calderas.

Marine life

Go beyond the islands and take to the seas with a local guide and go in search of whales and dolphins by boat; sperm, minke and pilot whales also frequent the warm waters surrounding the Azores and your guide will help you spot them.

Volcanic pursuits

On your travels through the Azores' magnificent National Parks, see impressive fumaroles, bubbling mineral hot springs and extinct volcano craters. Stop to bathe in natural hot water pools to really make the most of this volcano-formed archipelago.

Faroe Islands in Depth

8-day tour from £2,865 per person

Why you'll love this tour...

Twitchers paradise

Sail to the peaceful southernmost island of Suðuroy to admire the dramatic bird cliffs and spectacular vistas. Head fort the Vestmanna Cliffs to search for puffins, guilliemots, kittiewakes and razorbills.

Quirky capital

Explore one of the world's smallest capitals, Tórshavn, a pretty harbour town with a labyrinth of cobbled streets and grass-roofed cottages. Enjoy funky bars and world-class cuisine.

Northern islands

Travel to Eysturoy, home to the tallest mountain in the Faroes before exploring the northern islands of Borðoy and Kunoy where you can enjoy picturesque ports and forest walks.

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