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In Bhutan, try Ema Datshi. Chilli lovers will adore the national dish – a curry-style combination of chillis and locally-made cheese.

In Borneo, take a trip down the Kinabatangan river to spot proboscis monkeys, macaques, pygmy elephants, snakes and crocodiles.

In Papua New Guinea, watch local tribes don spectacular headdresses and perform dances to the beat of lizard-skin drums at Warwigara Festival.

Stef Studley

Far East Specialist

My Bhutan diary - Travel Blog

"Colourful prayer flags dot the landscape, the flashes of red, yellow, white, green and blue catching the eye as we drive by. Cows lazily graze the roadside and see little reason to move, and traditional rooftops are adorned with patches of red chillies drying in the sunshine. Children playing on the roadside offer a friendly wave as you pass by and giggle playfully as you return the gesture and locals dressed in the traditional ghos and kiras..." - Stef Studley, Travel Specialist

Journey through Java

18-day tour from £3,215 per person

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Heating up

Travel to Tangkuban Perahu, a smouldering 2,000 metre wide volcano for a walk around the main crater. Enjoy Ciater Hot Springs, where the natural hot water pools offer therapeutic waters ideal for a relaxing dip.

Spectacular sunrise

Awake early for a sunrise tour of Mount Bromo. You’ll travel to a viewing spot with stunning vistas of the Bromo volcano and surroundings. Watch the sun rise up from behind the volcano in Penanjakan.

Tranquil temples

Make a stop at Ulun Danu Temple, which is one of Bali’s most iconic and photogenic sites. The temple is set on an island amid the peaceful waters of the Lake Bratan. Don't forget your camera!

"Whilst I have done many solo and private holidays, I have found that small group tours seem to offer something extra. It is, I think, due to the interaction between group members and guides. The guides really know the destination, the group members have a keen interest in knowing more which the guides are always willing to share. I was impressed with the skill of the guides in getting the groups to mesh together initially, with the result that everyone enjoys the whole tour. That, coupled with excellent itineraries, makes a Regent group tour brilliant and why I would always recommend anyone to go on one. From usually not knowing each other beforehand I have formed many lasting friendships with people I am still in regular contact with."

Rob B

Regent Holidays client

Highlights of Borneo

13-day tour from £3,075 per person

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Abundant wildlife

Borneo is home to a staggering abundance of wildlife. Spot orangutans, proboscis monkeys, silver leaf monkeys, long-tailed macaques, monitor lizards, crocodiles, elephants and numerous bird species.

Night safari

Head out on a guided night walk around the boardwalk and search for insects, birds and other wildlife. Look out for flying squirrels, tarsiers, owls and blue-eyed lizards.

Iban people

Spend time with Iban tribespeople. Visit Jambu longhouse, a relatively small community with only eight families which is the furthermost and most isolated community on the Delok River.

Bhutan in Depth

14-day tour from £4,895 per person

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Scenic hikes

Walk from Longtey village to Gangtey Goemba, a journey which passes through some of the most beautiful stretches of the valley lined with colourful rhododendron bushes. The walk ends with impressive views of the Goemba.

Blazing ceremonies

Head to Bumthang to witness the Mewang ceremony, or fire blessing, where people jump over fire to purify them of their sins: if you can manage this three times it is said you are safe from misfortune for a year.

Religious sites

Visit Punakha Dzong, regarded as one of the most impressive in the country as it sits at the confluence of the Mo and Pho rivers. Then visit Nalanda Buddhist College where it may be possible to meet and chat to the resident monks.

Cultures & Customs of Papua New Guinea

19-day tour from £7,595 per person

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Baining Fire Dance

Head out to Kainagunan Village to watch the fantastic Baining Fire Dance. Here groups of adolescent village boys compete to run through blazing flames as village elders chant - a truly wonderful spectacle to behold.


Fly to Port Moresby and visit the Port Moresby Adventure Park & National Orchid Gardens. The site is home to a range of wildlife including numerous beautiful Birds of Paradise.

Kinavai ceremony

Head to the beach early morning to watch the Tolai tribe's Kinavai ceremony. Enjoy the spectacle of dukduks and tumbuans (masked forest spirits) coming ashore in canoes to the beating of kundu drums.

Endless adventure

"Papua New Guinea is not your “usual” travel destination, so any decision to explore this adventurous part of the world really should be accompanied by a sense of adventure and fun to allow you to get the most out of it. Things may go wrong from time to time but you're guaranteed to have a blast!"
- Stef Studley, Asia Travel Specialist

Tribes & Traditions of Papua New Guinea

19-day tour from £7,945 per person

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Sing sing

Visit Hobe village and watch a traditional Sing Sing performed by the local villagers. These performances date back many years with the aim of bringing local tribes together and reducing inter-tribe conflicts. The Sing Sing reflects a tribe's distinct culture and music, allowing you a small and fascinating insight into the history of the village.

Milne Bay Province

Milne Bay Province is home to a number of remote island communities. Visit the festival ground to witness a cultural performance as part of the Annual Kenu & Kundu Festival. Canoes and kundu drums are a significant part of the lives of the people of Milne Bay and are widely used in traditional ceremonies and rituals. The 'war canoes' are especially crafted from special woods under strict customs to derive the best results and ensure their use is a successful or victorious one. This event is a celebration of the canoes and the people who make and use them.

Amazing artifacts

Visit the impressive National Parliament (Parliament Haus) built in the style of a Maprik-style haus tambaran (spirit house) and explore the neighbouring National Museum (if open) which has a very good selection of local artifacts including masks, shields, totems, war relics and some contemporary art.

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