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For an authentic Lebanese experience, spend a night in Byblos and watch the sunset from the harbour, or overnight in a monastery in the Qadisha Valley.

Sample the delicious dish manakish in Palestine. These puffy round flatbreads are topped with olive oil and za'atar - thyme, sumac and sesame.

Overlooking the old city of Jerusalem and home to the glittering gold, blue-tiled Dome of the Rock, Al Haram Al Sharif in Israel is one of the holiest sites in Islam. A must see for any visitor.

Marianne Grimshaw

Middle East Specialist

My Regent Moment in Lebanon - Travel Blog

"Suddenly, the beat picked up and everyone moved onto the dance floor. I watched and swayed from the edge, to the sounds of the mywiz, tablah and buzuk, clapping to the rhythm. When my hands momentarily paused, I felt fingers through mine and found a young girl of about nine leading me into the circle. How could anyone not move to such mesmerising music?..." - Lynda, Regent client

Inside Palestine & Israel

10-day tour from £2,950 per person

Why you'll love this tour...

Learning about conflict

Visit Bethlehem and see where the separation wall runs through the city. Take time to see the wall and watchtowers and take a walk through one of the refugee camps.

Streets for the senses

Nablus' old city is a weaving labyrinth of streets and Ottoman architecture. Take a walk through spice shops, mosques and traditional knafeh makers where the sweet syrupy cheese dessert is made.

Skyline sunsets

Visit the Mount of Olives, once home to over 24 churches and now a burial ground. From here there are exceptional views over the old city. Head there late afternoon for a beautiful sunset.

"We thought the trip was incredible and totally unique. We cannot imagine ever having another trip like it and are still processing all we have learned. We felt privileged to have the opportunity to speak with an Israeli settler, Israeli activist, Bedouin leader and Druze community member. Also visiting Nabil’s brothers family home was special. We really loved visiting the old cities of Palestine, Jerusalem and Akko. We were also impressed by how ethical the tour was."

Lynn & Jason

Regent Holidays clients

Lebanon Explorer

9-day tour from £2,770 per person

Why you'll love this tour...

Age-old cedars

Explore the Chouf region, home to forests of cedar trees – some over 2,000 years old – and terraces with picturesque villages. End the day with a walk through the cedars in the Chouf reserve.

Palatial ruins

Head to Aanjar, an Armenian village with a beautiful mountain backdrop, home to UNESCO-listed Umayyad ruins. The palace is particularly impressive and there are remains of mosaics in the baths.

Picturesque harbours

In Byblos, roam a network of medieval alleyways with narrow souqs, leading down to a Phoenician harbour. Visit the archaeological site with its impressive Crusader Castle and enjoy an evening boat trip along the coast.

Natural highlights

"In the summer, hikers can head through the cedar forests following the Lebanon Mountain trail staying overnight in homestays and visiting ancient villages." - Marianne Grimshaw, Middle East Travel Specialist

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